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An American that loves America!

  • By Scott Whitworth

An American that loves America!

I'm an American that loves America no matter what happens in our country!

Over the past six months to a year a lot of celebrities (and others) have said they would move out of the USA if their candidate didn't win the election and become our next President of the United States.  I could be wrong, but these comments were only being made from people associated with one and the same political party.  All Americans should express their disapproval for anyone with a like minded perspective!

I personally don't understand or identify with people of this shallow, unpatriotic and un-American way of thinking!

Since 1984, I've participated in our presidential elections.  I always vote for the candidate that I think will best serve our nation and only discuss my choice with close family and friends.

With that said, I didn't vote for President Obama either time.  He won two elections, was inaugurated and has served two terms as the President of the United States of America.  During that time, I've never wanted to move to another country, protest his presidency or speak unkind or disrespectfully towards our President.  I may not agree with President Obama, but he earned the job and I give his position my respect!  If we don't like a candidate, as Americans we have a fair political process and the right to vote for whomever you choose.

If I don't like the attitude, government spending, taxes, safety of our country, new immigration laws, the economy, social programs, our national debt, etc under our next President, I will do my part to vote him out of office!  Regardless of whether my candidate wins or loses, I won't move out of this great nation, peacefully or violently protest or speak discourteously about our President.

The President doesn't change who we are or how we act.

If you're kind, giving, honest, loyal, hard working, caring, respectful, trustworthy, dependable and have integrity........Thank your parents!  They make us who we are and how we treat others.  They guide us religiously and help us find our Faith.  I know that can change as we mature, but it's usually our parents that give us our initial faith base. Our parents share there political views and usually encourage us to have like ideals.  Again, as we mature this too can change.  Our parents should be role models. They should teach their children to be great Americans!  We should learn the Pledge of Allegiance, our National Anthem, appreciate our freedom and respect the USA through their guidance.

Regardless of political affiliation, a true American that loves this country, should always be loyal to our nation and fight for what is right for ALL AMERICANS!

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