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Smaller government, less waste!

  • By Scott Whitworth
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Smaller government, less waste!

First things first, let's put our political affiliation aside and agree that the US Government waste a lot of our tax dollars on people and private companies who do not need or deserve government assistance.

I'm not saying to eliminate all social programs.

I believe we (Americans) have a responsibility to help the legal citizens of our nation that cannot help themselves!

We should use tax dollars to assist and care for people that are physically and mentally incapable of working and unable to earn a living.  The elderly that have worked and paid taxes their entire lives and are unable to live above the poverty line should receive some assistance for housing, food and healthcare as needed. Children without parents/family should be given housing, food, healthcare until they graduate from high school.  In addition, these children should have access to a paid education from learning a trade up to an undergraduate degree.  However, they should be required to work a part-time job while in trade school or college to offset the cost to our government and develop a strong work ethic. Our military personnel, their spouse and children should receive all of the above as necessary due to injury or loss if life!

Now to the tough talk.

Who shouldn't we help?  Anyone that receives money or benefits through social programs that is healthy and able to work, but chooses not to.  The criminals and fraudulent people, companies, doctors, etc that continue to abuse our system by taking our hard earned tax dollars illegally through social programs.  Generational welfare families that have been living off the government for their entire life, we need a cap on time and a mandatory education plan to force removal from the food, housing and medicaid/medicare programs. Welfare mothers with multiple children, we need a cap on time, number of children and a mandatory education plan to force removal from the food, housing and medicaid/medicare programs.

Enough is enough!

Our government needs to stop the fraud and waste to those abusing the system and provide for people with an actual need.  We need a lifetime cap on the amount of money one person and or family can receive through social programs.

I know some of this can sound harsh, but it really isn't!  It's the truth.  We aren't helping enough of the real people in need because we're spending too much on people that could provide for themselves, but don't.

America and Americans need to come first!  Our government tries to help everyone and that's great, but we simply can't afford the amount being spent on other countries and their people.  We need to focus on Americans in need and control our spending here in the USA!  As the economy grows and our federal debt is eliminated, we can start helping others as the budget allows.

Each day I work to be a better person and I care about people in need, but our social programs are too big and our government is too wasteful and it needs to stop!

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