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Why Buy USA Made Products

  • By Scott Whitworth
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Why Buy USA Made Products

Why should we buy products made in the USA?

To support our economy!  When we purchase items made in this great country, most of the time we're supporting an American company and their employees that live and pay taxes in the USA.  

I'll give a couple examples based on products we sell.

Our Caps - We buy our USA made caps from a manufacturer in North Carolina.  The cap manufacturer buys the twill, the plastic visor, velcro, labels, plastic snap back closure, thread and other materials for our caps from a few different mills located within the USA.  The cardboard boxes used to ship our caps are also made in the USA.  The tape used to secure each box is made in the USA.  We use an American company to ship our products within the USA.  

Our Cotton ShirtsWe buy our USA made infant, youth, women and men's shirts from a manufacturer in New York.  They use domestic cotton to make the fabric and each USA Made shirt is designed, cut, sewn and assembled in their USA owned factory.

Our Performance Wear Shirts - The polyester mesh fabric is made in California and shipped to Florida.  We cut, print, sew and assemble these shirts in South Florida.

Our decals - All of the vinyl for our window decals is made in Kansas.  The material is shipped to South Florida and we design and cut our decals locally.

Our cards, retail bags, shipping bags and shipping boxes are USA Made too!

So, as our business grows and we sell more USA Made shirts, caps and decals we create more American jobs and we help stimulate the USA economy!

We will continue building our USA NATIVE brand with only Made in the USA products!

Let's all help the U.S.A. economy and if a product you want or need is made in the America, buy American!

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