25 years ago a remarkable friendship was formed. Scott Whitworth and Nick Amaro made an incredible connection on a football field in Broward County Florida while coaching their sons in youth football. Although this duo came from completely different backgrounds, their bond grew deep due to their core beliefs: God, Country, Family and an incredible work ethic.

Scott is a ninth generation American!  His ancestors date back to the American Colonies from the1700's.  Scott's family has been a part of the United States of America since its formation in 1776 and in Florida for over 150 years.  He grew up in South Florida where his roots run deep.  Scott married a local girl and raised his family in a familiar community. Scott had a successful 25 year career serving the public as a firefighter/paramedic and retired as a Division Chief of Training.

Nick is a first generation American! His family fled the Cuban Castro regime with literally the shirts on their back.   Nick’s family entered America legally and became naturalized citizens, however Nick was born on American soil thus being a “USA Native”.  His first language is Spanish so school was a challenge. However, America opened her doors to the Amaro family and they assimilated soaking in every bit of this country and its culture. He married a girl he met in college and began a family.  As a CPA and entrepreneur Nick became successful in the private sector.

The days of coaching have passed and their children grew up to be fine, educated young men and women. Scott and Nick’s friendship remained solid. Similarities brought them together, but their differences helped create a unique friendship and cemented their relationship.

Scott and Nick assume many roles. However, fundamentally they are American first.  Both men acknowledge and appreciate their diverse backgrounds. They embrace their culture and traditions but simply put, they are American, NO HYPHEN NECESSARY!

Their love of our country, like business ideas and patriotic views helped a dream come true. Scott and Nick founded WHITNICK in October of 2014.

The WHITNICK label represents their commitment and gratitude to the American Life. Every product is Made in the USA!

What’s in a name? Everything! WHITNICK represents the American Dream. Through our quality American made products, you too can embrace and express what it truly means to be an American. Regardless of where or when your family tree was planted in the USA, your seeds took root.  So, we are all American, NO HYPHEN NECESSARY!

Join us in our outward expression of patriotism and pride as we create a unifying story from chapters of diversity. Thank you!